• See Beyond the HorizonApplications provides clarity through unparalled perspective.
  • Municipal Fiscal Impact ModelVarious Municipalities
  • Social Service Cumulative Impact Assessment ModelAlberta Human Services
  • Employment Forecasting ModelVarious Municipalities
  • Population Forecasting ModelVarious Municipalities
  • Child Care Subsidy Caseload ModelAlberta Children Services
  • Sanitary Sewer Servicing Fund ModelCity of Edmonton
  • Municipal Budget ModelCity of Fort Saskatchewan
  • Project Benefit Cost ModelAlberta Transportation
  • Biosolids Financial ModelCity of Edmonton
  • AOSA CRISP Monitoring FrameworkVarious Municipalities
See Beyond the Horizon1 Municipal Fiscal Impact Model2 Social Service Cumulative Impact Assessment Model3 Employment Forecasting Model4 Population Forecasting Model5 Child Care Subsidy Caseload Model6 Sanitary Sewer Servicing Fund Model7 Municipal Budget Model8 Project Benefit Cost Model9 Biosolids Financial Model10 AOSA CRISP Monitoring Framework11


Applications has developed a number of forecasting and analytical products that are available for purchase. These products have been developed to meet on-going analytical needs of clients, to help support decision making as well as research and analysis that is conducted in-house. For more information on the available products, click here...

Customized Products

Applications has developed various customized stand-alone products that meet specific on-going analytic needs of our clients. Our process for product development ensures that the model meets client expectations and can be used effectively. We support all of our products with phone and email responses to questions on model use.

Forecast Products

We have some unique forecast products that are available to you when you need them. These products are updated regularly and reflect current thinking of leading forecasters in Canada. There are a number of economic and demographic projections available for purchase on a one-time or subscription basis. If you need something more specific, we are able to customize our forecasts to match your requirements. Click here for more information…

  • Pierre Trudeau
  • Robert Kennedy
  • Thomas Edison
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Tom Brokaw
  • Walt Disney
  • Will Rogers
  • Woodrow Wilson