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Social Service Cumulative Impact Assessment Model1

Social Service Cumulative Impact Model

Under the Alberta Government’s Coordinated Policy Framework for Low Income Support to Albertans, a need was identified to increase the focus on the cumulative impact of government program decisions on clients to achieve an improved coordination of government programs and services. The Assistant Deputy Minter’s Interdepartmental Framework Steering Committee was established to implement the this initiative, resulting in the formation of the Social Service Cumulative Impact Working Group to develop a framework to ‘assess the cumulative impact of differing program income cut-offs and benefit levels’. A model was developed to consider provincial programs that fall into two categories: those that provided direct financial support (e.g. income support, AISH, etc.); and those that provide income tested services or in-kind benefits (e.g. Child Care Subsidy, Aids to Daily Living, Child Health Benefit, etc.).