• Municipal Infrastructure GapSaskatchewan Municipal Relations
  • Sanitary Sewer Sustainability Fund ModelCity of Edmonton
  • Annexation Fiscal impact AnalysisCity of Grande Prairie
  • Long Range Financial Planning ModelCity of Edmonton
  • Municipal Fiscal Impact ModelRocky View County
  • Smart Growth Fiscal Impact AnalysisCity of St. Albert
  • Municipal Budget ModelCity of Fort Saskatchewan
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Growth and Development

Applications has evaluated the impact of growth and development on municipal operations and financial position. This includes the redevelopment of individual sites as well as comprehensive growth plans. We have developed a Municipal Fiscal Impact Model that can allow municipalities to monitor the impacts of future growth on a consistent basis over time.

Annexation Studies

Analyzing the both need to annex and the implications of annexation is a speacialized areas of expertise. Applications is recognized as experts in the evaluation of the impacts of annexation and has provided 'expert witness' evidence to the regulatory boards on both small and comprehensive annexation applications.

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